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10/3/2016 - CDA Parent 

So proud of Miss Kailey!!! She has been selected as the October student of the month at CDA!! For most of you who know Kailey she eats, sleeps and breathes dance. There's not very often you won't see her dancing, tumbling or participating in a parade!!! She was super excited and so proud of herself!!! Had you asked me more than 4 years ago if I would be the "dance" mom I would have laughed at you and said never! 4 years ago we started with Kailey in Combo I and now 4 years later we have 4 kiddos in dance with a combined 10 classes. I can't imagine dance not in our lives! Dance has helped all 4 of my kiddos with so many things from flexibility for other sports all the way to making them feel like they can conquer the world! We are so blessed to have the BEST teachers in our area to help inspire our dancers to be the best they can be in and out of the studio.

Thank you to all of our teachers past and present who have taught, guided and inspired all of kids but I want to give a special shout out to Katie, Tina and Miss Beth Ruden (as Kailey calls her) for helping me teach my baby that if she is passionate about something and gives it 110% she can and will do anything her heart desires.



Central Dance Academy has completely changed the course of my daughter's life in the most positive way possible.  She tried many sports and activities before CDA, she even tried dance at another studio but she couldn't keep her focus or interest in anything.  Her teachers at school told us she needed to be put on medication for her lack of focus in the classroom.  She started dancing at CDA at the age of 8 and immediately thrived on the structured classes that CDA provided, her daily life improved and dance became her passion.  

The faculty not only provides an excellent dance education, they truly care about the student's growth inside the studio and out.  I am confident that my daughter's path in life has been completely altered because of CDA.  She became more organized and structured with her time and now aims to succeed at everything she does in life.  She has found a second family with CDA and I feel blessed to have such an amazing studio in Northwest Iowa for my daughter to not only be educated in dance but also in life.  Special Thanks to Miss Tina, Miss Beth, and Miss Katie for making her a part of your family.